5-Free, Vegan, + Cruelty-Free Nail Polish

Nail polish is an addiction and a way of life <3

Nail polish has always been in my life, but since 2011 it has turned into an obsession.  I moved away from my family, and realized how much I was snacking while I watched TV after work.  I realized that painting my nails would keep me from snacking.  It just got out of control from there ;) Thanks to an old friend, a Facebook nail group, and a great support team in those gals, I worked my way through every indie polish I could get my hands on!  
Stached Polish started in early 2015 when I started complaining to my husband how bummed I was that I couldn't afford certain nail polishes.  He simply looked at me and said, why don't you make your own?!  It just clicked after that.  :)  Starting this polish business and working full time has not been easy, but it has really given me some new joy in loving what I do!
Most Stached polishes are inspired by things/places/people/books/tv that inspires me!